Telecommuting Consultants International, Inc.
TCI works hand-in-hand with strategic alliance partners – to expand what we can do for our clients.
  • The Canadian Telework Registry, the best Canadian resource for the virtual workplace
    a partnership between CSA CLIMATE CHANGE GHG REGISTRIES, Telecommuting Consultants International and the Government of Canada.
  • teleTRAC tracks teleworker emission avoidances based on Transport Canada data
  • Kitty de Bruin - author, Project Manager - SUSTEL Holland Research - pre-eminent European telework expert.
  • SUSTEL Data
  • Dr. Andrew Gaudes, Assistant Professor, Management, University of New Brunswick. A TCI collaborator in the One Tonne Challenge, a Director of the International Telework Academy, and a specialist in Virtual Work spaces.
  • e-planning Elham Shirazi – Urban Planner – implemented telework in over 60 municipalities and cities across the USA, including Houston, Atlanta, Tampa Bay, Washington. Co-chair Telework Council, Association of Commuter Transportation (AVT –UAS).
  • Dr. Quentin Chiotti - Air Programme Director and Senior Scientist at Pollution Probe.
  • Joanne Pratt is a well respected U.S. futurist, author, researcher and telework expert.