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TCI Toolkit
Bridging the gap between a one-day education workshop and securing covenants to act is a challenge. In order to ensure the transition, target groups need reassurances of clarity, continuity of contact and access to experienced assistance. A superior strength of this Project Team is the list of useful, on-hand Tools and Resources which can be made readily available to communities and employers to enable them to move from education to test drive – from test drive to action. Here is that List.
Tools & Utilities Function
Managers' Guide to Virtual WorkPlaces Education - Implementation Module (2004)
Virtual WorkPlace Briefcase © DYI set of Resource and Policy material
WorkPlace © Simulation -Mapping Tool Simulates TW - Workplace mapping tool - pre-adoption benchmark
Who Can Go © Diagnostic Self- Assessment Tool – Your Telework Quotient
Virtual Equipment Needs Diagnostic Matches equipment needs to type-frequency of virtual work
Home Office Set-Up Kit Instructions for set-up of home or satellite office
Post Tracking Tool Captures Proof-of-Concept or the enterprise, community
teleTRAC On-line Emission Avoidance Measurement - GHG REGISTRIES
Virtual Teams- Best Practices Resources for the formation, productivity of virtual teams
Canadian Telework Registry Web Site Specialized Resources site Telework -Virtual Teams
Normative Data Base 1999 -2005 Comprehensive data base of Canadian – US Virtual Workplaces
TCI - Telework Roundtable Annual Community of Practice Exchange
Program Management Services Program Management –Coordination Services