Telecommuting Consultants International, Inc.
How to Get Permission

Here are ten basic steps in the application to - deployment process.


Step #1 - Discuss it with your manager and family.

Step #2 - Complete the Self-Assessment Questionnaire, the Employee Interview. Use them to prepare a Business Case. Access al these from Resource Section. Get appropriate signatures.

Step #3 - Present all your information, beginning with the Business Case, to your manager. (Self-Assess, Interview, Home Office Measurement Layout Kit)

Step #4 - Complete a Teleworker Agreement. Download and complete any security forms that your organization may require for SRA or secire remote access.

Step #5 - Read your organization's Policies & Procedures manual, including the Remote Access Security regulations.)

Step #6 - Be available for the any installation on a pre-scheduled date. Complete a line test.

Step #7 - Surrender your existing computer and or hard drive to your IT branch for the creation of a configured unit, and a hard drive mirror image.

Step #8 - Take possession of the configured computer and any other equipment that will be supplied, like printer, phone units. Complete a test of these units from the home office site.

Step #9 - Begin to telework on a scheduled basis, from home, using web-based calendar, email signatures and recorded phone advisories to stay in touch with peers and managers and keep them advised of your location and availability.

Step #10 - Formally review the arrangement with your manager and peers, and set a date for a formal performance review that includes telework.