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We only have one Habitat. Of the 5.4 tonnes of GHG each Canadian is responsible for each year, 50% comes from our commute and travel patterns.

Virtual workplaces reduce commute. There can be no realistic discussion of meeting Kyoto target GHG reductions without examining the emission effects produced by 12 million Canadians who commute to work each day.

GHG Avoidance
  • JALA – The U.S. and Latin American organization headed by Jack Nilles the well-respected “Father of Telecommuting”. Author, researcher, former NASA scientist, who is easily recognized as one of the world experts in remote and virtual work.
  • Pollution Probe
  • International Telework Academy, a recently developed academic forum for the sharing of data and information about new remote workplace options.
  • Harmony Foundation was established in 1985 on the principle that cooperation and education are the cornerstones of a successful transition to a sustainable society; one committed to development based on sound environmental practices and progressive social programs.
  • Association of Commuter Transportation – ACT Canada
  • Association of Commuter Transportation – ACT USA
  • David Suzuki Foundation - Canada's best known naturalist and conservation expert, dedicates his work and site to defining how each Canadian can make a difference to the health of the planet.