Telecommuting Consultants International, Inc.
Out of Pocket Savings

In a recent track, 87% of Ontario teleworkers working remotely an average of 1.6 days per week reported that they saved an average of over $80.00 per month per capita in out-of-pocket expenses related to commuting and other cost associated with attending the office 5 days per week. This is the equivalent of a $1,400 increase in annual pre-tax salary.

Source: Tracking Temporary Telework at PWGSC Ontario Region Telecommuting Consultants International. Inc.

Personal Savings Include:
  • Reduced commute mileage and gas costs
  • Potential for reduced car insurance based on reduced use
  • Reduced wear and tear on vehicles
  • Reductions in lunch and coffee costs
  • Work clothing purchase reductions
Costs That Can Go Up
  • Transit pass may not be as cost effective if trips reduced
  • Slightly higher insurance to cover home office
  • Slightly higher costs for heat, air conditioning